Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Trading Post #11: A Cracked Bat (Holiday Edition)

It gets quite busy around the Holidays, as we all know. I am not sure whether I'll have another post up before Christmas. Hanukkah started tonight as well, which meant a nice evening visit with my dad. But I did want to make time for a quick post.

In recent days, I've started to see still more generosity pop up around the blogosphere, courtesy of Julie at A Cracked Bat, who has been dominating my "Trading Post" theme recently. She recently posted that she was getting some Christmas cards in the mail, and I suspected that one of those might be headed my way.

Lo and behold, a few days ago a lovely Christmas card showed up (my first one of the year, no less) with this inside:

2013 Topps Triple Threads Relic Combos Sepia #TTRC-ATG Nolan Arenado / Troy Tulowitzki / Carlos Gonzalez /27 (MEM)
A combo relic of three star Rockies players, complete with a serial number! Topps saw fit to use three different colors of Rockies jerseys, and there's even a hint of a pinstripe on Tulo's jersey in the center. Not only that, but this card is serial numbered to 27 (on CarGo's left shoulder), which I didn't even notice the first few times I looked at the card.

A few other bloggers so far have received similar unexpected holiday gifts, as Julie continues to pepper this community with lots of great cards!

The very next day, I sent several trade packages out, including one destined for Julie. I had been saving up cards for her for a while, and I've reached out to quite a few new trading partners, so last week was a busy one for me at the post office!

One other thing I'd like to call attention to is a group break at Nachos Grande! This is the first one I'm participating in, and there are still quite a few teams available at $30 per. It should be quite the "extravaganza," in his words. He has also been doing a guest post theme for the past week or so called "Better Know a Blogger," which seems to be quite well-received by his readers and commenters. I have enjoyed getting to know some other bloggers through the lens of his thought-provoking questionnaire as I wait for mine to appear.

Happy Holidays to all my readers and trade partners new and old. And thanks yet again to Julie for the Rockies triple relic!


  1. Hanukkah Greetings - have blessed holidays! I saw the 3Xer at a recent card show. I spent quite a bit with a particular dealer. He gave me a great price on your card.

    1. theres 'euphemism' written all over those last two sentences !

      great card !

  2. Nice relics card! The coloration is fantastic.

  3. Cool card, I too like the three different jersey colors.

    I saw you picked the Rockies/Giants slot in the group break. If you get any cool Giants drop me a note and maybe we can work out a trade.