Monday, November 30, 2015

Mini Monday #3 (and a winner announced!)

Detroit is stacking their rotation again.

2013 Topps Mini #588 Jordan Zimmermann
In case you haven't seen a notification pop up on your smartphone by now, the Tigers just agreed to sign Jordan Zimmermann to a five year, $110 million contract. I'm sure we'll see plenty more blockbuster deals over the next month or two, but with the rotation Washington already has, they can probably spare him. And I'm sure the Tigers are happy to welcome him, as Justin Verlander has trailed off precipitously in the last year or two.

In other news, Colby Rasmus recently became the first player to ever accept a qualifying offer, agreeing to a $15.8 million one-year contract (and essentially forcing the Astros to offload Jed Lowrie). Thanks to a couple dozen iPhone notifications earlier this month, I learned that there was such a thing as a qualifying offer, and that sometimes you're so good at baseball that $16 million for a year's work is a bad deal.

The more you know.

Finally, my readers have probably been itching to learn who won my 100th post checklist giveaway. I had six entrants. To paraphrase some legalese, few will enter, one will win.

Congratulations to Jon at A Penny Sleeve for your Thoughts, a newcomer to the cardsphere! Jon, I don't believe we've traded before, so please get in touch and let me know your address.

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your Mini / Cyber Monday!


  1. Thanks for the contest!

    Also, Brett Anderson and Matt Wieters took the qualifying offer too.

    1. Interesting, I didn't catch that. All I saw was that someone finally accepted one; I didn't realize it was multiple players.

  2. That stacked rotation sure didn't help the Nats last year... AL West might be the best division in baseball by the end of the offseason

  3. One out of six and I still can't catch a win! Congrats to Jon, and thanks for the contest.

  4. One out of six and I still can't catch a win! Congrats to Jon, and thanks for the contest.

  5. not sure how I missed your contest but congrats to the winner! 100 is awesome! It'll take me another year to get there!