Monday, August 22, 2016

Mister Three Thousand Eight

The 3,000 hit club is pretty bunched up at the bottom. In the short time since Ichiro Suzuki got his 3,000th MLB hit to tie Roberto Clemente on August 7th (about as long as the Olympics), he's passed Al Kaline, with Wade Boggs and Cap Anson just a few hits ahead.

2016 Topps Now #327-A Ichiro Suzuki /11,550
That's also about how long it takes to get a Topps Now card delivered, but at least the shipping was free.

Card 327-A has become my second card from 2016 Topps Now (I assume they'll start the numbers over next year), and I definitely wanted a copy of the card to go along with the historic moment. This is more of an unusual Topps Now card, as the back doesn't have a write-up. Rather, it has two more photos, one of the scoreboard graphic they put up at Coors Field after the hit, and the other is a shot of his fellow Marlins coming out to congratulate #51.

See for yourself:

2016 Topps Now #327-A Ichiro Suzuki /11,550 (Reverse)
Most Topps Now cards don't have variations associated with them, but the -A on this card number signifies there were a few on offer. Topps printed up five serial-numbered colored relic parallels, all of which went for a pretty penny. The /1 card sold for a thousand bucks. Needless to say, I didn't order that, nor did most fans, instead being happy with the base card. This one had a whopping 11,550 copies printed, by far the most I've seen for a Topps Now card. It's definitely not as exclusive as most Topps Now cards, but it's not a bad way to bring in $160k.

It remains to be seen whether I'll feel the need to order any more Topps Now cards, but the season still has over a month left until the Postseason begins. And an unassisted triple play can happen in the blink of an eye.


  1. I kind of like that Topps let the images speak for themselves on this one - keepin' it simple.

    1. Agreed - and I can't recall a card where all the fine print got in the way as much.

  2. Nice card- like the shot of the scoreboard! This is an occasion worthy of a Topps Now card. Multiple cards a day is excessive.