Saturday, March 8, 2014

A conversation at Fleer, 1989

"Bob, check this out! I put the player's head outside the frame so you get this nifty 3D effect!"
1989 Fleer #480 Jack Howell

"Nice, Fred, but you really should put the bat outside the frame, too. It looks silly getting cut off like that. Here, let me show you."

1989 Fleer #322 Marvell Wynne
"See? Doesn't that look better? Let's pick it up again tomorrow."

1989 Fleer #523 Pete Incaviglia
"Fred, That's not what I had in mind. Remember what we talked about yesterday? Try it again."

1989 Fleer #97 Jim Rice
"How's that, Bob?"
"Well, it's better, but the bat is cropped at the top of the frame. Looks a little odd, don't you think?"

1989 Fleer #581 Juan Samuel
"Bob, I'm just not feeling this whole 'bat outside the frame' thing. I just put it behind his head so you can't see it."
"Good enough. Hey, can you do the Billy Ripken card real quick before you go to lunch?"

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