Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fun Fact: baseballs float.

Things have not been pretty for the Colorado Rockies lately. At this moment, the Rangers are one game behind in the race for 2014's Worst MLB Record. They're dangerously close to losing 100 games for the first time in club history.

When the season has sunk to depths that low, you have to start looking at small miracles to distract yourself from the constant losses.

For example, my first-ever foul ball souvenir would definitely qualify, which I snagged last Friday on Star Wars night at Coors Field!

Incidentally, this ball came off the bat of Christian Yelich on a 2-1 count with runners on first and second and two outs in the top of the 7th.

2014 Topps #358 Christian Yelich
Thanks for the foul ball, Christian!

Though the Marlins trounced the Rockies 13-5, I finally have an indisputable piece of game-used memorabilia, which feels way more special than any relic card I've ever purchased. Except maybe that Willie Mays one.

2002 Topps Archives Reserve Uniform Relics #WM Willie Mays 62 (MEM)
Back to small miracles. Justin Morneau was able to break up Madison Bumgarner's bid at a perfect game in the 8th inning on Tuesday, which was pretty close to being the first no-hitter/perfect game I watched on live TV. It saved the Rockies from being on the business end of a second no-hitter this year, but I would have been just as happy witnessing history.

The following night, Rockies outfielder Corey Dickerson set a milestone with the 100th "Splash Hit" home run in AT&T Park history. It was a beauty, made all the more impressive by the skill with which a fan literally fished it out of the water.

2013 Bowman Draft #35 Corey Dickerson RC
Even after all those years of 'roid-monster Barry Bonds launching home runs into San Francisco's McCovey Cove, it ends up being a Rockie with the distinction of the century mark.

The 2014 Rockies gave us a great April and May, followed by a disastrous summer, concluding with spoiling the fun for the San Francisco Giants. Another textbook Rockies season.

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  1. Congrats on the foul ball! I had one land close to me at a White Sox game last week, but a guy in the row in front of me snagged it.